Microsoft Teams & ImpactWise

Use ImpactWise’s Microsoft Teams integration to find meaningful volunteer opportunities at your company and log your impact.


Share your skills, interests, and location with our intelligent chatbot and get local or virtual opportunities delivered straight to you via Teams. 


Log your hours and get volunteer program updates through Teams. 



Onboarding flow


When the integration is installed you will have access to the ImpactWise chatbot in your 1:1 chat. The chatbot is the main feature of the ImpactWise app and upon engaging with it, you will receive information specific to your program and how to get started with the chatbot.




Soon, you will be available to add the bot to specific team channels. 


Opportunity search flow


Once you have clicked ‘Get Started’ you will have to quickly authenticate yourself with your organisation's SSO, this lets the bot know whom it’s speaking with. 


After signing in, you can select ‘Find volunteer opportunity'. The bot will then ask you to answer a few short questions (e.g. what skills would you like to use or which city are you based’) - this will help it tailor the opportunities to suit you and your preferences. 


After that’ done you’ll be asked to confirm your answers (you can change them later) and the bot will then do a quick search and present the best opportunities for you. 


Typically between 2-5 opportunities are presented and you can swipe between them by using the arrows to either side of the opportunity card. If you didn’t find anything to suit you there are some options at the end to make another search, search the entire directory of opportunities or get in contact with the volunteer partners directly.

Logging hours and booking time off flow.


After selecting your opportunity, you have a few two more steps to record your hours - to help your company track their impact in the community - and to tell your manager you are taking time off from your Workday portal. Both of these are mandatory steps. 



After you have booked your time off using Workday, you are ready to get in contact with your charity partner to attend your volunteer event. 


Re-engaging with the bot


To find another opportunity, you can simply go back to where you left off with the bot and select ‘Find Another Opportunity’. The bot will confirm whether you have logged your previous opportunity in Workday and if so, click yes. 


You will then be asked if you want to use the same search criteria if before and if you want to change you can select which criteria you’d like to change. A search will then be performed and you can select a new opportunity. 





If at any point you are experiencing issues with the bot, you can click on the text box in the chat, press help and then send the message. It will then give you a few options to restart the bot flow, contact support or find some helpful resources (such as this one). You can also contact ImpactWise at any time at 

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